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14 December 2017Unwrapping the Christmas Story: Paintings, Prose and Poetry
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12 July 2018The Borgias: The Most Infamous Family in History
13 September 2018The Dollar Princesses
11 October 2018As Good as Gold: A Special Lecture in Celebration of The Arts Society’s Golden Anniversary
08 November 2018The Great Poster War 1914 – 18
13 December 2018Father Frost and the Old New Year: Christmas Traditions in Russia

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Unwrapping the Christmas Story: Paintings, Prose and Poetry Pamela Halford Thursday 14 December 2017

Specially packed for the festive season, Pamela Halford unwraps some of the many layers of history, custom and myth that make up Christmas: the nativity, decking the halls, cards, food, presents and much more. The lecture is beautifully illustrated by well-known paintings and by lesser-known quite extraordinary works. Poetry and prose abound - including words written by the speaker – a performance to bring well-remembered joys, pathos and much humour.

Pamela Halford is a freelance lecturer and former lecturer, researcher, scriptwriter and director for the BBC. This is her second visit to Mayford.